In connection with our company strategy, machining of castings is one of the main priorities of our further development. Our aim is to offer machining to external customers (and foundries) and to supply our castings completely machined. This minimizes hidden defects and saves our customers the logistics costs of organizing machining at their expense. We provide machining on the Feeler VFP 1000 milling center and on the HAAS St-30 CNC lathe.

In CNC machining, we do not only machine our castings, but also the production of milled and turned parts, which we supply to our customers. In their production, we do not limit ourselves only to aluminum, but we produce parts from various materials according to customer requirements (steel, copper, etc.).

Overview of our programme:

  • Feeler VFP 1000
    Maximum travels: axis X: 1000 mm, axis Y: 520 mm, axis Z: 505 mm
  • HAAS St-30
    Maximum turning diameter: 530 mm, maximum turning length: 660 mm
  • Boring and Threading (boring machines VS 16 Z a VS 23 E with electronic control system)