Gravity Die Casting

The technology of gravity die casting is applicable for a production of bigger series. The advantage of this technology to compare with a sand casting is a better surface quality and better casting accuracy. The disadvantage is the higher initial investment associated with the production of molds. The maximal weight of our mold castings is approx. 20 kg. A gravity die casting production is performed by semi-automatic CGU or on manual machines.

Alloys used in gravity casting

We provide standard production of castings for our customers from the following alloys: AlSi9Cu3, AlSi12(Cu), AlCu2Zn, and AlSi10MgMn. The chemical composition of the material is regularly checked. If necessary, we can check our production also by X-ray machine.

It is also possible to use another types of alloys for our production, which are not in our usual spectrum.